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A Dentist’s Guide on the Best Mouthwash for Your Children

A Dentist’s Guide on the Best Mouthwash for Your Children

As kid’s dentists in Tulsa, we get so many questions from parents about the best way to ensure their children get the best, healthy smile that should last for a lifetime. As you go through this post, we would like to cover some of the most important points about mouthwash, and the various types, along with their benefits.

Different types of mouthwash have their own benefits, including reducing the chances of plaque, tooth decay, preventing or reducing gingivitis, freshening breath, and more. However, with diverse products available on the market, it is a challenge for most parents to know exactly what they need to look for in a mouthwash. In addition, this makes it tough to know which mouthwash is safe for kids to use. Fret not! Read on below to learn more.

Every Mouthwash is Versatile

The first thing you need to do as a parent is to narrow down the reasons why you need to add a mouthwash into your child’s daily oral care routine. Do you simply need one to get rid of the bad breath problem your child has, or reduce tooth decay? Do you want to use one so it can strengthen their enamel? Once you are sure of what you wish to achieve from the mouthwash, you need to choose the right one.

The Two Types of Mouthwash

Generally, you will come across two types of mouthwashes in the market, these are therapeutic and cosmetic. We would like to explain what each one is, and how it works to help your children’s teeth.

Therapeutic Mouthwash

Therapeutic mouthwash helps to treat problems like tooth decay, it reduces the buildup of plaque, prevents gingivitis, and fights the agents that cause bad breath. However, you should know that the therapeutic mouthwash doesn’t help to fight bad breath or the causes of bad breath. Before you decide to add the therapeutic mouthwash into your kid’s oral health routine, you can feel free to call us or visit our office to schedule an appointment and we will guide you further.

Cosmetic Mouthwash

On the other hand, a cosmetic mouthwash works by giving the mouth a pleasant taste, clean feel, and reduces the problem of bad breath. Compared to the therapeutic mouthwash, it helps in fighting against bad breath, and all the agents that cause the problem. It works like a masking agent and reduces bad breath.

Rest assured that the mouthwashes available for children to use are safe and do not contain alcohol. Usually, the mouthwash for children is the therapeutic one, and they also take care of the bad breath problems. Such options come in children-friendly flavors, and most of them have attractive packaging of superheroes and other characters. The right mouthwash will help to improve enamel strength, and fight cavities. Just make sure that when you buy one for your kid, it should have the approval seal from ADA. This will serve as proof that the mouthwash is approved and tested by oral health associations.

What’s the Right Age for Children to Use Mouthwash?

Children under the age of six should not use mouthwash. However, in rare cases, your dentist may have to prescribe the use of mouthwash for a child under six years. Using mouthwash can be effective for your child’s oral health, but you can consult us in our office and we will guide you further. 

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