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As a Child’s Dentist We Treat Complicated Oral Health Problems

As a Child’s Dentist We Treat Complicated Oral Health Problems

In Tulsa, as a pediatric dentist center, we can provide the best medical care for most oral health problems, as well as complex ones. Many children visit our office with their parents to receive dental cleaning and examinations and other preventative care. When you choose us, rest assured that we can also treat children that suffer from serious dental damage and oral health problems.

Oral health care and implementing a good oral hygiene routine at home is important. Regular visits to our clinic will help to keep your child safe from different oral health problems. If a child doesn’t visit the pediatric dentist regularly and maintain good oral hygiene at home, this may result in infections and dental decay.

In most cases, children are not able to communicate how they are feeling and parents are often not aware that their child has an infected tooth until the problem escalates and their child can no longer withstand the irritation or discomfort. Eventually, it is likely that their teeth will get into very bad shape and they will need an extraction. Therefore, we want parents to visit us and bring their children at least twice a year and we will examine them as well as identify any oral health problems at an early age.

Some of the Common Problems We Treat

When you come to us with your child, below are the most common problems we treat.

Dental Infections

There are several dental infections with varying degrees. To address the problem, we will prescribe some antibiotics that your child can take for a few days. Antibiotics can clear the infection but what matters most is to remove the source of the infection. Sometimes, this can involve a root canal. However, as most children are not able to sit still in one place for some time, we may put them to sleep if we need to perform a minor procedure.

Dental Decay

It is important to remove a decayed tooth. We numb the area and use a dental drill to take out the portion that’s decaying and then clean the area by placing a dental filling so that restoration can complete. This is a relatively quick procedure, but if other teeth have decay problems, we may have to schedule more appointments so that your child doesn’t have to sit for a longer time.


In the case of a serious infection or serious damage to the baby tooth, we often recommend extracting the tooth instead. This depends on the severity of damage and health of the root. Rest assured that we proceed with the extraction in our clinic after ensuring the area is numb.

As soon your child has any dental problems, we recommend that you bring them to us. We restore chipped, cracked and missing enamel. We also take restorations and dental bonding and dental crowns.

Visit Our Child’s Dentist in Tulsa

At the first sign of any problem, we recommend that you bring your child to us. At least twice a year, they should come to us and we will examine and clean their teeth as well as address any dental health issues to correct them at once. For any information or further inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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