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How Good Foods Fight Against Cavities in Children

How Good Foods Fight Against Cavities in Children

In children, dental cavities could ruin their dental health, but a timely comprehensive orthodontic examination in Tulsa at our clinic- Pediatric Child Dentist can save your child’s teeth. As kid’s dentists, we have a depth of experience and knowledge in this field. We are focused on providing the highest quality of preventative care so that parents and kids can learn to maintain their teeth for a lifetime. This is a major reason why we take our time to educate patients, to empower them to make healthy decisions that will help their teeth to remain in the best shape.

When you visit us at our clinic for a dental examination, we will guide you on cavities and how they can damage your kid’s teeth. As parent’s, you need to understand the importance of protecting your children’s teeth and avoiding dental cavities. The truth is that nothing can compare to the natural look, feel and function of natural teeth. Your top priority should always be to save your child’s teeth.

Flossing and brushing everyday are two important practices that can help prevent cavities. We advise that you encourage your children to use mouthwash and toothpaste that contains fluoride. This should help to prevent tooth decay. Furthermore, some foods may harm your child’s teeth, like sugary ones, while others contain essential nutrients that make them strong and healthy.

Here’s a guide based on our experience of some of the foods you can encourage your kids to eat and how they help to maintain healthy teeth.

An Apple a Day

If your child eats an apple a day, it sure will help to keep cavities away. When your kid chews crunchy apples and other similar foods like high-fiber fruits, these scrub away plaque from the surface of the teeth. In addition, eating an apple means having a fruit that is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is always the best and easy snack.

Cheese, Yoghurt, and Milk

Yogurt, cheese, and milk are foods rich in casein, calcium, and phosphorus. These are essential elements because they help to protect the enamel of teeth from the effects of cavities. The nutrients in milk products help to neutralize the acid that plaque bacteria produce. Hence, promoting healthier teeth.

Fluoride Water

As early as birth, drinking water that contains fluoride is important for the teeth of your kids. Nowadays, most bottled water varieties contain fluoride. It is best that you check which one contains some fluoride in it since it helps the teeth to grow healthier.

Carrots and Some Celery

Similar to apples, some crunchy vegetables such as celery and carrots contain lots of water and helps to scrub the surface of the teeth. Water in these vegetables helps to balance the sugars and to clean the teeth. In addition, celery is fibrous and has strands in it, which makes it a vegetable that serves as a natural floss, keeping the risks of cavities away.

Keep in mind that maintaining healthy teeth is a practice that you should instill in your kids when they are young. By teaching them about healthy dental habits, you can ensure they stay away from dental problems like cavities in the future. Encourage them to avoid the intake of sugary foods and stick to healthy ones like these.

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