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How to Make Teething a Comfortable Phase for Your Little One

How to Make Teething a Comfortable Phase for Your Little One

Usually, teething in babies begins when they are 4-7 months old. Having the right insight and knowing how to tackle the situation can help you to overcome any serious hazards that follow it.

For any parent, seeing their little one’s baby tooth pop out from their gum is definitely an exciting milestone. However, for babies, teething is often a tricky phase because of the countless symptoms that tag along with it. Teething occurs at different times, has varying intensity levels, and changes from one baby to another. For most babies, teething typically is a painful situation and leads to parents becoming distraught and searching for the best remedies to soothe the irritation that their little one experiences.

As children’s dentists in Tulsa, we would like to guide you further on the teething phase of babies. We have many years of experience in helping so many parents like you with the best remedies.

Just know that every baby is different, so whether you are an experienced or new parent, our guide should help to make the entire phase more bearable for them. From our expertise at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa, here’s how you can accomplish this at home.

First, Identify the Signs of Teething

Teething brings along several common symptoms that lead to frustration and pain in babies. In rare cases, if you are lucky and your baby doesn’t show any signs of worry by the teething sensation, you should look out for visual signs. In terms of visual signs, you should check the appearance of their gums and teeth.

The common signs of teething include:

  •          Gnawing on things
  •          Drooling
  •          A change in their eating pattern
  •          Swollen gums
  •          Tiny teeth erupting from the gum line
  •          Fussiness
  •          Pulling on ears
  •          Rubbing their face
  •          Interrupted sleep patterns

The Remedies to Soothe Teething Pain at Home

Usually, babies become cranky from the pain that tags along with teething, making it somewhat challenging for parents to set their mood right. You can try some remedies to ease their discomfort. These include:

  •          Use Teething Toys: You can also distract your little ones by giving them teething toys. You will come across several options for teething toys that are non-toxic and safe. You can buy silicone teething rings or wooden teethers.
  •          Offer A Chilled Teething Ring To Your Child: Teethers are soft, and babies often grasp them and put them in their mouth. We suggest that you should place them in the fridge for some minutes, which should make them soothingly cool
  •          Gently Rub the Gums of Your Baby: This should serve as a gentle massage to the gums. Make sure you wash your hands prior to the massage and apply some pressure. This should gradually ease their pain.
  •          Avoid giving them Warm Food: Little ones often reject food when teething, especially if the food is warm. To provide comfort, only give them chilled foods.

This is just a brief overview of some of the remedies to teething in babies. A visit to our clinic in Tulsa should give you an insight into more effective tips. To give your children an overall healthier lifestyle, please feel free to visit us today.

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