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How to Take Care of Braces from a Child’s Dentist in Tulsa

How to Take Care of Braces from a Child’s Dentist in Tulsa

If you want your child to have a great future smile, then an investment in quality braces is exactly what you need. Just like any other valuable investment, it is important that you maintain your child’s braces, keep them clean and ensure they remain in good shape, so they will be able to function properly. Even though it is a straight forward task to keep teeth clean, for most children and parents, maintaining clean braces is a time consuming and challenging task. It involves lots of care, tips, and use of the best tools to extend their life.

As a child’s dentist in Tulsa, we understand the importance of keeping braces clean at all times, and we would like to share some tips on how you can keep your kid’s dental braces clean.

Brushing Four Times a Day is Important

In general, without braces, any dentist would advise that children should brush at least twice in a day for two minutes each time. However, when your child wears braces, it is inevitable that food will get stuck in between the braces pretty easily. This eventually leads to the buildup of acids and leads to cavities. For this particular reason, we advise parents to encourage their children to brush four times a day, or preferably after meals. Extra brushing is important because it protects the teeth from the effects of plaque and helps to fight cavities, which can damage the braces as well.

Your child should brush each tooth for at least ten seconds each time, especially on all the areas where the braces touch the teeth’s surface. Furthermore, it is important to brush the inner teeth surfaces as well, and not just the front surface. It is important to also pay attention to the gum line.

Use Appropriate Tools to Floss the Teeth

While your child wears braces, flossing still remains highly important. However, it could be quite difficult when the rubber bands and the brackets hamper regular flossing. This is why we suggest that you should use some helpful dental flossing tools. Use dental threaders, floss, super floss, waterpiks, interproximal brushes, and various other tools that serve as the best flossing solutions for children wearing braces. Each tool comes with a unique design to improve the effectiveness of flossing for all those that wear braces. As kid’s dentists in Tulsa, we suggest that you should also research more on each of these to discover the best option for your child.

Change Their Toothbrush Frequently

It is advisable that you change your child’s toothbrush every three months, especially since their brushing frequency will increase. The brackets of braces also cause more damage to toothbrushes compared to teeth without braces. Hence, it is best that you get them a new one as soon as the bristles on their toothbrushes begin to fray and the head loses its shape. This usually occurs after two months of use.

At our clinic in Tulsa, we can help you and your kids to have the best teeth even with braces. We recommend that you visit us at our office and we can help you and your child to create a good dental routine even with braces.


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