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How Your Family’s Drinks Can Affect Their Teeth

How Your Family’s Drinks Can Affect Their Teeth

If you want your teeth to stay in excellent health – visit a family dentist.  As one, we are focused on providing the highest quality of preventative care so that our patients, young and old, can maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. We understand that most people do not think about their teeth on a daily basis.  As long as they are brushed once or twice a day and there are no toothaches to be found, most people forget about their teeth as they go through life.  This is easy to do, but it is also unwise.  Your teeth play a critical role in how well you can enjoy life and, without them, everyday things like eating and speaking can become difficult.  

This is why we spend time educating patients so that they can become empowered to make healthy choices that will help their teeth to remain in place.  When you visit us for a dental examination, we will go over things like how to brush and floss properly so that plaque can be kept at bay along with your risk of developing cavities and gum disease.  Another topic that we will address is what you eat and drink and how it impacts you.

You cannot put anything in your mouth without it coming in contact with your teeth in some way.  This means that everything you eat and drink, no matter how small, will impact your oral health.  When we talk about the pH levels in something, we are talking about how acidic those things are.  The lower the pH level, the more acidic and corrosive something is.  Water is neutral and has a pH level of 7.  Battery acid is the worse with a pH level of zero, and phosphoric acid is terrible with a pH level of 2.  Naturally, the lower the pH level, the more important it is to avoid eating or drinking that object.

As a family dentist, we have spent years warning patients about the dangers of drinking soda.  Regardless of how good it tastes or how fantastic the television ads are, drinking soda is bad for your health.  First, it is full of sugar that can increase your risk for developing cavities and gum disease.  Second, it is highly acidic and the studies on pH levels are now highlighting exactly how acidic.  If you were to drink an RC Cola, for example, the pH level would be 2.38.  Dentin dissolves with anything lower than 5.5 and, with a pH level of 2.38, cola is near the same level of phosphoric acid.  

This is the same acid that can clear a clogged kitchen drain and has a warning label a mile long.  Consider that every time you or your child grabs a can of soda, you are putting your teeth and the rest of your body in contact with something that is so acidic, so corrosive, it could potentially unclog your drain.  Then, reach for a glass of water.

If you really want to keep your teeth safe, stay away from all soda, fruit juice, ice tea, anything with lemon, or anything that feels acidic.  Instead, drink a glass of water or milk and have your teeth cleaned regularly at our family dentist office.

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