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Our Guide to How You Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Our Guide to How You Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

The moment you see the teeth of your little one start to come out, from that moment, you should consult our pediatric dentists regularly. Once children turn 13 years of age, this is when their teeth settle and grow to become permanent. As a parent, this means you get just a short time before their teeth develop, and within that time you should instill basic hygiene-related practices. It is important that you encourage your little ones to practice good oral habits, which should help them when their adult teeth start to grow.

Good oral habits stay with children as they grow, and it becomes a part of their life as they grow. This is why as parents it is highly important that you take the necessary steps to protect their teeth before it’s too late.

As children’s dentist in Tulsa, we would like to tell you that when you consult us, you would be making the best decision for your child’s health. We can guide you on some precautionary measures, which should ensure their teeth remain safe from tooth decay problems. From years of experience, here are some smart ways you can protect your children’s teeth from decay problems.

Encourage them to Eat and Drink Healthy

The first step to good oral hygiene begins with the quality of food and beverages that your children take. For kids, it’s a challenge to stay away from sugary snacks and beverages. You should try to regulate your children’s diet. Give them a good understanding of the effects sugary foods could have on their teeth in the future. As parent’s, you need to be strict and set a limit to the number of candies, and sweets they consume. After meals, encourage them to brush their teeth, at least twice in a day. Give them a limited amount of juices. Parents have the misconception that packed juices are healthy, but in reality, they are packed with sugar. Avoid giving your child soda drinks too. Of course, you can stick to natural fruit juices, only the ones you extract by yourself from fresh fruits.

They Should Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Once your child crosses two years of age, they should use a fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth. In terms of oral care, fluoride refers to a naturally occurring mineral, which helps to improve the outer appearance or surface of the teeth. It makes them more resistant and protected from the effects of acid attacks. Such harmful factors can only lead to tooth decay problems in kids. Make sure the water they consume or brush with also contains some amount of fluoride, or else you can visit us and we will prescribe the best fluoride supplements.

Prevent Decay Related to Baby Bottles

Just make sure that you avoid putting your infant or child down for a nap with a bottle formula, milk, sugary drinks, or juices for a long time unattended. The sugar from these drinks could easily stick on to their teeth, and the bacteria would cause tooth decay.

For more care tips, you can contact us now at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. We can help you with dental emergencies and conduct thorough dental examinations and cleaning appointments. Call now!

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