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Our Guide to Your Children's Dental Health- Tips to Avoiding Dental Cavities

Our Guide to Your Children's Dental Health- Tips to Avoiding Dental Cavities

At birth, babies have about twenty primary teeth, and they go by as the term “baby teeth.” In infants, these erupt when they turn about six months of age, and usually, these teeth appear when they turn three. Once you see baby teeth erupting, it is important that you bring in your child at our clinic in Tulsa. Our experienced and highly skilled Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa will be able to examine the condition of the teeth, which will serve as a safety measure against the risks of decay.

As children’s dentist in Tulsa, we will also educate you on the latest techniques available in preventative care. No one likes to deal with cavities. In children, tooth decay can simply have a devastating effect on health, and a painful process to repair (sometimes, depending on the intensity of the decay). As a parent, if you do not guide your child on the importance of routine dental care, they may face uncomfortable dental procedures. To ensure they have healthy teeth, you need to update yourself on some tips to avoid dental cavities.

Brush Twice Daily

We recommend that kids over the age of three need to brush their teeth at least twice daily, only with a fluoride toothpaste. Under the age of three, it is best that kids use non-fluoride toothpaste until they reach a suitable age when they can spit out the fluoride-containing toothpaste. As parents, you should motivate and encourage your child to brush, and make it a fun activity. This is the very first step to ensuring dental cavities stay away. To make the entire activity fun, and motivate your child, you can help them select a toothbrush with their favorite character of color on it. Create a brushing routine for them, and change their toothbrush once every three months, since the old bristles will not be able to clean the areas under the gum line, causing the buildup of plaque and bacteria.

Encourage Routine Flossing

Floss your child’s teeth when he or she turns 2-3 years old. In general, children need assistance with flossing, until they are about 8-10 years of age. We suggest that you maintain regular flossing routines, which should help to remove dirt from the teeth, and in-between the gums. In addition, it helps to prevent bad breath and controls it. It is the most effective option and we recommend it once a day, for at least 2-3 minutes.

Schedule Regular Checkups with Us

Health experts always suggest regular dental checkups. We recommend that you bring your child to us at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa for regular checkups. Preferably, begin this once they are twelve years of age. We will examine the teeth for any signs of tooth decay problems, gum diseases, or any other form of oral health problem.

Maintaining proper oral health is the foundation for healthy teeth in the future. Regular dental cleanings and examinations will serve as the best practice to ensure dental cavities stay away, as well as other teeth problems. For more tips, or if you wish to book an appointment, get in touch with us now!


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