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Our Take on the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care in Kids

Our Take on the Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care in Kids

In children, early orthodontic treatment also goes by as the term “interceptive orthodontic treatment,” and it helps to treat and identify potential issues at an early stage before they develop and become serious oral health problems. In kids, orthodontic care can begin even as early as when they are seven years of age, a time when their teeth are still developing and jaws growing. When kids are young, at an early age, dentists can correct certain dental conditions like crossbites, and over-crowding.

In terms of orthodontic treatment for their kids, parents often have several questions in their mind. However, early diagnosis and frequent visits to pediatric dentists is important because it helps to evaluate your child’s existing and incoming teeth to determine whether or not it is necessary to have early treatment. Typically in kids, the first set of permanent molars are present in the mouth, which gives dentists the chance to diagnose developing malocclusions or a “bad bite.” Sometimes, at an early age, incisors develop and may cause problems such as deep bites, overcrowding, crossbites, and open bites.

As a child dentist, we would like you to go through our take on the benefits of early orthodontic intervention.

Correcting Potential Teeth and Jaw Problems

As mentioned above, early treatment can help to target several oral health issues, but it is still best to determine whether your kid has any problems with their teeth and jaw at an early age. At an early age, it is easier to treat many problems. In addition, earlier treatment poses to be financially beneficial to correct potential problems rather than delayed treatment. In some children, earlier orthodontic treatment helps to prevent the risks of trauma to protruding front teeth and it reduces any emotional distress. Furthermore, it helps to maintain and promote good oral hygiene.

Promotes Proper Spacing

Early orthodontic treatment also aims to correct serious bite related problems and it works best to guide the jaws growth pattern. It helps to make more room in the mouth of kids for the permanent set of teeth to develop well when they are ready to erupt.

Be Aware of the Signs

As a parent, there are many ways you can determine whether your kid needs early orthodontic care. Based on our experience, if you observe any of these behaviors, characteristics, or signs, you should consult our pediatric dentists in Tulsa.

  •          Poor alignment of teeth when your kid bites
  •          Loss of baby teeth at an early age (before they are five years of age)
  •          Difficulty when biting or chewing
  •          Snoring and breathing with their mouth open
  •          Protruding teeth
  •          Speech impediment
  •          Crowded teeth
  •          Thumb sucking after they cross the age of five years

Early Treatment is the Foundation of Healthy Adult Teeth

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment should begin when the jaw and teeth are still soft. Children’s teeth do not harden until they reach their teenage years. The bones will still be flexible, and most corrective procedures work better and effectively than they do for adults and teens. Treatment at an early age is an effective measure that lays down the foundation for healthy teeth in kids, preparing the jaw for permanent teeth when they become adults.

For more information on our dental services for kids in Tulsa, feel free to get in touch with us at our office. 

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