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The Best Dental Care Tips for Children

The Best Dental Care Tips for Children

As dentists for kids, we understand the importance of good oral or dental habits and we do our best to pass the information to the parents of the children that visit our clinic in Tulsa. The fact remains that healthy adult teeth all start with healthy teeth in kids. The ultimate goal is to keep kids’ teeth cavity-free. After all, poor dental health has a major impact on not just the smile of your children, but also their health and self-esteem.

Based on our experience, untreated dental health problems compromise the child’s ability to function well, eat well and sleep well, which loses their focus at home and at school. The unaesthetic nature of oral health issues compromises the social development of children and has an overall negative impact on their personality.

Through our experience as kid’s dentists in Tulsa, our expertise and years of training allow us to provide parents with the best dental care tips for their kids. Here are some of the best dental care tips for children.

Understand the Importance of Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

Regardless of whether your child has permanent teeth, baby teeth, or a mix of both, it is imperative to take care of his or her teeth for numerous reasons. The primary importance is the risk of tooth decay. Right from the moment your child’s teeth first appear, they are at a greater risk of decay. At first, the decaying baby tooth may not seem like a big deal, since they will fall out eventually, but decaying baby teeth cause lots of future problems to the dental health of your child.

As your child loses a tooth, simply because of poor oral hygiene, this impedes the ability of their permanent teeth to develop or grow properly. Eventually, this also increases the possible chances of permanent tooth encountering infections or decays. Keep in mind that tooth decay can have a bad impact on your child’s ability to eat and chew, which results in poor nutritional health. In addition, premature loosing of teeth will only make it more difficult for your child to talk and try to say some words, which may lead to a speech impediment, affecting your child’s personality in the long term.

Follow the 2-2-2 Rule

The most important tip for healthy teeth in children is to follow the simple 2-2-2 rule. Parents and children need to focus on this every day. It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes. In addition, make visits to the pediatric dentist (for your child) at least twice a year for thorough cleaning.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

As experienced pediatric dentists in Tulsa, we also recommend that your child’s diet should be healthy, and mostly it should include green leafy vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, and dairy products. All these should help to strengthen their teeth. In addition, it is important that you always encourage your child to drink enough water, which keeps their teeth healthy and clean.

Keep Sugary Food and Drinks to a Minimum

The leading cause of cavities, unfortunately, is as a result of parents not taking preventative measures to prevent their occurrence. The best tip here is to limit sugary drinks and food from your child’s diet. This means you should avoid giving them candy, gummy bears, fruit juices, raisins, soda, and other sugary foods frequently.

Visit a child’s dentist regularly and if you want to consult our child dentists in Tulsa, feel free to contact us today.

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