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Toothache Tips Recommended By Our Emergency Dentists for Kids

Toothache Tips Recommended By Our Emergency Dentists for Kids

It is never an easy task for parents to care for their children without encountering hassles along the way. There are many difficulties and worries that they have to bear just in order to bring them up. A common problem parent’s face is their child complaining about a severe toothache. Usually, infants cannot explain the possible reasons for the pain they experience. However, older ones may be able to speak about the specific area of the pain.

As children’s dentist in Tulsa, we have bagged years of experience in the oral healthcare of children. So many parents walk into our Tulsa clinic with the hope to seek medical attention and instant relief for their child’s troubling teeth. With enough experience handling toothache cases, we would like to guide you on the causes and the tips to follow. Here’s what you should know.

The Causes of Toothache in Children

Your child can suffer from toothaches for a number of reasons. However, you shouldn’t worry because our emergency dentists for kids can educate you in this regard. Here are the common reasons for toothache in children.  

  1.       Dental cavities often lead to toothaches in children. Kids today are fond of candies, soda, and other sugary products, which can collect on the teeth surfaces, in the gums, and weaken the roots. This eventually leads to tooth decay.
  2.       Bacterial infections may also cause the formation of pus in the gums. This may be a possible reason why your child complains about a toothache problem. This is not always severe and can heal by itself, but if the problem gets out of control, it can lead to serious gum problems.
  3.       If your child suffers an accident in school while playing outside or at home, it could lead to a broken tooth or a chipped off tooth. A half broken tooth hurts more than a full tooth broken because the half that remains inside the gums pricks the gums. This continues until the half is taken out.

The Tips to Tackle Toothache by Our Emergency Dentist for Kids

Our emergency dentists at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa are always ready with every cure possible for your child’s dental health. In case you can’t reach our emergency dentists on time and the pain worsens for your child, here are some tips you can follow for temporary pain relief at home.

Use Warm Water with Salt

Warm water and salt have healing properties and they are quite effective. Both combined, they can comfort your child from the toothache he or she experiences. This should only be used for kids that can understand your instructions because they shouldn’t swallow the water. Just allow your child to rinse their mouth and spit the water out.

Oil with Clove Essence

This remedy comes down from generations. Back in the old days when there were no medications discovered; clove was used to cure the pain in the teeth. You can put cloves in between the teeth and in a few minutes, the pain would be under control. For smaller kids, apply some oil with clove essence on cotton wool and place it on the affected tooth.

Use Pain Medications

When you come to our clinic, our experts will recommend some medications to relieve the toothache. However, we only prescribe medications after evaluating the condition of the problem and keeping your child’s overall health in mind.

Apply Some Ice Pack

Applying ice to the area of the pain makes it insensitive and your child will feel less discomfort. This is temporary until you visit our clinic. You can apply the ice directly or put it on a cloth and press on the affected area.

For further tips on how to control toothache in your little ones, or to seek relief from it, you can visit us today.

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