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We Recommend These Healthy Foods for Kids Healthy Teeth

We Recommend These Healthy Foods for Kids Healthy Teeth

In terms of dental hygiene for kids, many parents think of standard care through brushing only. They make it a rule to brush their little one’s teeth with just a brush and a string of floss, at least twice in a day. Definitely, brushing is a part of their dental care routine, and parents should always recommend it to their children. However, that’s not all there is to healthy teeth.

Other important aspects play a role here. Parents must encourage their children to stick to a healthy diet plan. The food your little one consumes plays an important role in their ability to have healthy teeth for years to come. As children’s dentists in Tulsa, we have bagged many years of experience in this field and we would like to guide you on the best and bad foods for kids.

Food surely plays an important role when it comes to protecting the enamel of the teeth, ensuring that they grow well and healthy. You should focus on their eating habits.

Here’s a quick brief on the healthy foods you should give your children.

Healthy Foods Best for Kids

As parents, you have to know that when you provide your kids with the right food, it will offer them the right nutrients and minerals they need to strengthen their teeth. Here are the best foods our kids’ dentists recommend for your children’s healthy teeth.

Green and Fresh Vegetables

Children hesitate to eat vegetables and for some parents, it is a difficult task to encourage them to eat. However, for healthy gums and teeth, vegetables are quite important. They contain essential vitamins that play a major role in protecting the teeth enamel. Others like celery have strands, which play the role of natural scrubbers when kids chew.

Milk, Yogurt and Cheese

Parents should always encourage their children to include milk and other dairy products in their diet. Dairy products are important in a balanced diet for healthy teeth. This is because they contain casein, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients that help to neutralize acids. These could build up on the surface of the teeth enamel, which comes from various foods. In addition, they also serve as protein sources.

Fluoride Water

The consumption of bottled water over the years has increased. These come from filtration systems, and their taste is quite refreshing. However, it lacks some nutrients. When you consult our experts, you will learn that the consumption of this water is actually beneficial. It contains fluoride, which is beneficial for the overall health of the gums and the teeth.

Fresh Fruits

Although kids aren’t fond of fruits, we recommend that you encourage them to increase their consumption. This plays an important role in the development of their dental and physiological health. This is with exception to the fruits that contain acidic constituents. Make sure that you encourage your little ones to eat strawberries and apples since they are good for saliva production and protect the teeth. This is a great choice because it wipes the bacteria away from the surface of the teeth. Fruits also carry water and they are high in fiber, which helps in cleansing the teeth and mouth.

For more information on healthy foods for your little kid's teeth, you can call or visit us at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa.

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