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At Grant Gerety DDS, we provide dental cleanings and examinations to patients throughout Tulsa, OK. We believe that preventative care is essential for staying in good oral health. Our goal is to keep our patients as healthy as possible, and the best way to do so is through ongoing dental care and teaching our patients how to practice good oral hygiene at home. If you live in the 74136 area, call 918-493-3031 to schedule your child's exam and to learn how you can stay healthy year-round.

Dental Cleanings and Examinations for Children

Grant Gerety DDS works with patients of all ages and knows how to help children to feel comfortable while visiting the dentist. Families throughout Oklahoma visit our Pediatric Dentist Tulsa office to have their children’s teeth cleaned. We recommend that teeth cleanings and exams start at a very young age. This is important for ensuring those baby teeth grow in properly and stay healthy until the adult teeth are ready to come in. Many people don’t realize how important healthy baby teeth are. Children can get cavities and gum disease just like adults do with the difference being that children are less capable of understanding or dealing with discomfort. We recommend that parents throughout Tulsa bring their children in for dental cleanings and examinations at least twice a year. This way we can remove harmful plaque and bacteria in order to prevent cavities.

We Have a Friendly Staff at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa

While cleaning children’s teeth, our staff has been trained to take it slowly and practice gentle dentistry. By building a rapport with our young patients, they will feel more relaxed during their dental appointments and visiting the dentist becomes fun instead of intimidating. We also recommend that parents take the time to read stories about going to the dentist and play games by teaching children how to examine their toy’s teeth. These little steps can help children to feel comfortable when getting their own teeth cleaned. By doing so twice a year, their baby teeth are more likely to stay in until they are supposed to fall out, and their adult teeth will also stay healthier. If you have questions about scheduling an appointment or wish to learn more about the dental services in Tulsa we have in Tulsa for your child call 918-493-3031.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Regularly scheduled dental cleaning and examinations in the 74136 area can help to prevent a dental emergency. Many children go far too long in between visits to the dentist. As a year or two goes by, infections can develop that can create a painful situation and lead to dental emergencies. For example, a minor cavity can be corrected with minimal discomfort but if the infection spreads into the center of the tooth the dental pulp can become infected and a root canal will become necessary. Fortunately, these types of infections can typically be avoided by scheduling an appointment twice a year with Grant Gerety DDS. It is important to keep in mind that healthy teeth are also less likely to become damaged or injured so by staying in good health; you can prevent a child's teeth from becoming cracked or chipped during an accident.

We Educate Parents Along the Way

While getting your child's teeth cleaned and examined, we will also discuss the ways that you can keep your child's teeth and gums healthy at home. In the case of a dental emergency, we will guide you about the preventative measures you can take before meeting our emergency dentist tulsa. At Grant Gerety DDS, we believe that good oral hygiene at home is important to do in conjunction with visiting our office. We recommend that you use a soft toothbrush to brush your child's teeth twice a day and use fluoride toothpaste. This will keep harmful sugar and bacteria off of your child's teeth and the fluoride will help to strengthen them. You should also floss daily to get food particles and bacteria out of hard to reach places. Following up with an antibacterial mouthwash will help to kill any remaining germs.

Your child's diet is also important to good oral health. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a diet that contains dairy products, lean protein, green vegetables, and complex carbs so that your child's body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. We can provide additional tips and information during your child's dental cleaning and examinations. 

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