Many people do not like going to a dental clinic for their treatment. It is because they may have dental phobia. The thought of dental instruments, painful procedures, bleeding, and swelling puts them in jitters. Children, especially, become very anxious before the procedure.

Different forms of sedation like oral sedation, IV sedation are used to relax these patients. But do you know these sedations do not put your little one to sleep? They are still responsive and remember the techniques of the treatment that we carry out on their teeth. For more complicated procedures, we use general anesthesia to make them fall asleep so that they do not remember anything about the procedure and wake up feeling relaxed.

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What is General Anesthesia? 

General anesthesia refers to a state of unconsciousness that puts them to sleep. When your little ones are given this type of sedation, they do not remember or feel anything throughout the procedure. General anesthesia puts them in a deep sleep.

We monitor you continually and ensure that they are safe until emerging from general anesthesia. It is a deeper form of sedation when compared to IV sedation and pills and requires constant monitoring. We administer general anesthesia with utmost care to all our patients.

What are the Uses of General Anesthesia? 

General anesthesia tends to impact your child’s whole body, thereby putting them in a relaxed and unconscious state where their body doesn’t respond to anything during the surgery. We intend to use this form of sedation to stop making them feel pain and discomfort during complicated surgeries. For this reason, general anesthesia is used during procedures such as dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth removal surgery, and more extensive surgical procedures.

There are other reasons we may deliver general anesthesia before their procedure.

  • Before their dental treatment, general anesthesia is given to all phobic and uncooperative patients.
  • If a dental procedure involves multiple surgeries, we may administer general anesthesia.
  • Patients with special healthcare needs like autism and others are also administered this kind of sedation.
  • We give general anesthesia to all young patients who fail to cooperate with the procedure.
  • We administer general anesthesia in all cases where other forms of sedation like laughing gas, oral sedation, or behavior management do not work.

Is General Anesthesia Safe for Children? 

Many studies have established that general anesthesia is safe for all children who feel fearful about their dental procedure. We administer it in a small amount when compared to adults.

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