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Four Tips to Get Your Kid Comfortable When Visiting Our Dental Clinic in Tulsa

Four Tips to Get Your Kid Comfortable When Visiting Our Dental Clinic in Tulsa

Based on the research conducted by several organizations, one of the leading causes of illness in children results from problems like tooth decay. Across the United States, about 16 million children experience tooth decay problems, and most of them are left untreated. Oral problems and tooth decay in kids affect not just their teeth, but also has an overall health impact on their life.

When it comes to maintenance of your child’s health, it is important that you as a parent instill good oral habits in your child at an early age. At first, a trip to our clinic, Pediatric Child Dentist may seem like a minor and easy task for parents, since they have an idea of what to expect. However, this can be more intimidating and a scarier prospect for younger kids who in general tend to have a phobia when the time to visit any health specialist comes.

Ensuring that kids have a comfortable consultation can be a daunting task for parents, and as kid’s dentists in Tulsa, we would like to guide you on how you can help your child overcome the fear and enjoy their visit at our clinic.

1.   They Should Know What to Expect

Before you plan a visit to our office, you should try to make your child familiar with dental surgery and show them some pictures of the space. Give them an idea of what to expect during the visit, for example, encourage them that it will be more ofa fun experience, where they will meet friendly doctors. While they brush their teeth, you should also explain that the child dentist will do the same. Overall, encourage them that their visit will be a relaxed and entertaining experience.

2.    Be Open and Explain Well

In case your kid needs dental work, make sure you do not lie about how the dentists tackle cavities. Always be honest with your kid, and use non-threatening and polite words. If they have a phobia, you should encourage them to speak up and listen to what they feel. If they have any questions, give them positive answers and let them know their visit will be a good one.

3.    Tell Them Dentists are “Superheroes”

Kids love it when things have a fun touch to them. You should explain that the dentist is more like a superhero, who will work wonders to get their teeth back in the best shape. Tell them dentists will floss and brush their teeth to help them grow stronger and bigger. Encourage them to visit the dentist at least twice in a year. Rest assured that we take good care of kids and give them the best experience.

4.    Spark their Enthusiasm

As mentioned above, you should try to make them familiar with the dental clinic, you should spark their enthusiasm. Let them know that we have cool toys and mini treats for them, which is something they will look forward to when they visit us.

A trip to the dentist all depends on how well you as a parent encourage your kids. You should assure them their visit will be exciting. For more information on our services or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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