Does your child feel anxious thinking about the dental visit? Make them understand that it’s normal to feel that and that even some grown-ups feel the same. The ADA or American Dental Association has revealed that about 22% of adults in the United States tend to avoid dental appointments because they think it’s too scary. So, after a discussion, we may suggest a suitable sedation option to help your child relax throughout their dental procedure. Parents often ask us, “is it safe to do so?”. Relax and keep reading to learn about different sedation dentistry options and how they help kids feel at ease.

What are the different types of sedation?

With the help of sedation in dentistry, your child will feel calm, also making them comfortable. We have numerous types of sedation that we offer in our dental practice:

  • Oral Sedation:

This sedative is an oral pill that the dentist will instruct you to give to your child before beginning the procedure. These sedatives won’t make the child go to deep sleep; instead, it just helps to relax.

  • Nitrous oxide:

Nitrous oxide, also commonly known as laughing gas, is a gas sedative that the child will have to inhale through a mask. This nitrous oxide and oxygen combination clam your child and reduce their anxiety in no time. After the completion of the process, the effect of sedation wears off.

  • Intravenous sedation:

IV sedation is another way of sedation to ease your toddler’s nerves. It is administered using a needle. The child won’t be aware of the surroundings and won’t remember much of the procedure.

What are steps to be kept in mind before sedation?

Keep these things in mind before bringing your child for the dental visit:

  • Try not to feed solid foods to your child.
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothing.
  • Do tell the dentist if your child is on any medications.
  • Bring their most comfortable item like a stuffed animal or little toy to make them feel better.
  • What are the aftercare tips?
  • It is normal to feel groggy, lack physical coordination, nausea, and even uncontrollable giggles. Let your child get some good rest and also remember to:
  • Keep an eye on your child after the treatment.
  • Feed them soft foods like lukewarm soups, mashed vegetables, or smoothies.
  • Keep them hydrated.
  • Use an ice pack if there is any swelling.

If you want your child to receive a comfortable dental treatment, go nowhere else, as we are here! The pediatric dentist in Tulsa offers the best and safe sedation dentistry options. Call us at (918) 493-3031 and book an appointment for your child.

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